Carpentry is a wide field of craftsmanship. It includes woodworking which is mainly divided into two main categories that have very few differences & similarities between them. The two categories are Millwork v/s Casework. You must have listened to them at once in your life, but if you haven’t, this article will help you know about the fascinating world of carpentry. The two terms are often used equivalently because they are both associated with woodwork/millwork. However, there are very few differences that make them distinct from one another.

Many homes remodel include millwork or casework in some form or another. Although these terms are sometimes used reciprocally by homeowners, they do not mean the same thing. It’s essential to know the difference before signing a contract with a carpenter or remodeler. Knowing the definitions and situations, you would want one over the other can help you plan what you are remodeling with your contractor. So let’s know about this in more detail, what they are and the things which are different in both of these.

What is Millwork?

Millwork is wooden detailing that goes beyond the standard cut. Millwork comes in various styles, colors or can be hand-made or made from assembled readymade pieces. It could be anything from wall panels, crown moldings, moldings, or doors, etc. Everything that doesn’t require the builder to be at the client’s location is connected with millwork. You should know that millwork does not include siding, ceiling, or flooring. The fundamental difference between casework & millwork is that millwork is custom-made. It can involve custom-made work such as designing storage units, cabinets, shelves, and even the elevator walls because everything needs to be made based on the client’s space.

What is Casework?

Casework is totally about making boxes. Either it is for the bookcases, storage boxes, or cabinets, casework is only and only about boxes. Casework is readymade cabinetry that can be bought from factories and then installed in the home. Casework is found in the kitchen but can be established anywhere it’s needed, including the bathroom and the home office. Some casework is stock cabinetry, and others are semi-custom.

Millwork VS Casework: The Difference

Let’s talk about the difference between millwork and casework.

Casework and millwork both are different categories of products, by fulfilling different roles all around the home. The only common thing between casework and millwork is in the cabinetry, which in some cases can be customized. For example, custom-built/customized cabinetry is millwork, whereas semi-custom & stock cabinetry is casework.

Generally, most homeowners don’t install custom cabinetry pieces because of the accessibility of affordable, quality semi-custom parts. Custom cabinetry is only needed in some odd cases, usually when a specialized piece is required to fit a particular space or fulfill a unique need. Most house owners prefer semi-custom pieces.

The problem of choosing between the millwork and casework is older. Like both types of woodworking have their unique advantages, and contractors use both to furnish your place. Casework offers quick storage choices. They are ready-to-use and generally offered in several varieties, finishes, and budgets. On the other hand, commercial millwork is undone, and there is scope for further customization based on your taste, style, and requirement. Rental building contractors and hotel proprietors generally prefer casework. You can easily find them in hotel lobbies, corporate offices, gyms, malls, and many other commercial places with a high impression. Since custom millwork is more costly, usually private house owners go for it. It highlights their individuality and also adds considerable value to the house. Whether you choose casework or millwork, the decision depends on your budget, the kind of property you are thinking of introducing, and your construction building timeline. But if you have time and a top-line budget and want your house to reflect your style statement, then go for custom millwork.


Millwork and casework can give essential functions around the house. When you remodel your home, it is necessary to choose the right products according to your needs, whether millwork or casework.

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