One of the best and greatest ways to make your old home into a new one is with custom wood panel molding. Wall paneling started back then in the late 19th century but obtained popularity in the 21st century when the home was seen more as a place of comfort. The application was a covering method meant to keep out drafts but, aided by the printing press, its decorative appeal soon spread far and wide in coming time. And with the good shop drawing, it can give your home a more attractive look.

In modern homes, wood panel molding is specially decorated and comes in numerous patterns & assemblies. Whether it’s a square space that wants character, or a large room that wants warmth, or a small corner that looks for texture, wainscoting, or another form of paneling is always the answer. These decorative features are also a pocket-friendly way to transform your home and increase its value extremely. And the best part? Although wood paneling modeling is seeing a revival of sorts, it never left the scene – it’s an everlasting classic that you can enjoy for many upcoming years.

So let’s get started, without wasting time.

1. Plank wall:- It includes a series of wood planks that run from floor to ceiling horizontally & vertically (even though vertical paneling is more common). Plank width varies depending on the size of the room and the personal preference which you choose. Anyhow, you can use reclaimed wood, new wood, or any other new wood made to give a feeling like old wood; a plank wall can easily add tons of comfort and texture to the atmosphere. The paint, stain color, finish & plank direction, and diameter will play an important role in the overall look and feel of the space.

2. Board and batten:- Board & batten wood paneling give some extra dimensions and feel to a wall or ceiling and give it an elegant, sophisticated look to space. The batten here is the panel molding that is bound between the boards. Board and batten are said to be one of the more expensive paneling options because of the high-quality materials used & the skill and accuracy required to install the panels. Board and batten comprise panels with narrow strips of wood concealing the joints between them. Board and batten are basically used in bathrooms, bedrooms, & dining rooms.

3. Shiplap:- Shiplap gets its name from the truth that its panels overlay. Opposite to popular faith, shiplap is not just a wood plank nailed to a wall. The charm of this inexpensive type of wood paneling is that it can easily be used in any place in your house or any commercial place – from the rooftop to entryways, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, and even living room – and adds a decent and natural look to any space in the house.

4. Beadboard:- Beadboard is essentially is a type of tongue and groove that distinguished panels with beautiful beading rather than the single planks. This handy, easy-to-design wood paneling type can fit nicely just as well on walls as it does on ceilings, cabinets, kitchen, or as a backsplash in various rooms. Beadboard serves on entire walls, half-walls, & in the roof and can also be used in the hallway, or to frame in a bathtub, and as a kitchen or in washroom backsplash.

5. Tongue and groove:- Tongue and groove are almost alike to shiplap and also give the same clean, decent look but are usually a bit costly. Unlike shiplap, these panels don’t cover. Rather, the “tongue” of one board intensely fits into the “groove” of another board. An advantage of this type of paneling is that its compact connected panels keep dust and dirt outside and also due to this it can be clear easily. However, since the boards have to fit together accurately, the installation procedure itself could take a bit longer time.

6. Flat panels:- This paneling is the most popular paneling variety among all, known for its clean, polished, & decent look. They have simple, clean lines, & normally comprise of a baseboard on the floor, then a bottom rail, followed by the stiles & panels, a barrier to complete the panel frames,& completed with a chair or cap rail.

7. Raised panel:- It is known for its elegant appearance, it may charm up images of noble residences and British colonial-style houses. It’s usually applied at a height between 30-40 inches but can also be adjusted for higher-ceilinged spaces by creating two rows of panels separated by a center rail.


So like any other trend wall paneling is also in trend. It makes the room glow up differently and beautifully. And if it is designed and drafted properly it will be like the cherry on the top.

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