As we move into a new year ahead, many things have changed—but a lot of them remain the exact, too. Numerous of us have altered to a new pattern of working from home in this pandemic situation that will continue as we flip the calendar to January, and we’re all staying at home and cooking more than usual too. So it makes me feel to say that the kitchen design trends for 2021 will be about nice-look and the maximizing function of this heart of the home, where we are spending noticeably more time than ever before.

Before jumping on the trends, let’s know what kitchen cabinetry is:-

So Kitchen cabinetry is not just for storing things. It is an essential element of your kitchen’s style when remodelling. Cabinetry is the crown jewel that conveys everything jointly and shows them beautifully. Cabinet design has not changed much over the last few years, at least not as much as other parts such as countertops or flooring.

Now let us see the most popular kitchen cabinet style, which will be trendy in 2021 and ready to steal our hearts. 

1. Open Shelving kitchen design

This previous year, open shelving has been on demand. As people look for more space-saving opportunities for their tiny kitchens, cabinet doors have been coming off the joints, and more industrial kitchen shelving is becoming trendy.

We all desired to hide our kitchen supplies in any cabinet and drawer we could at one time. But now, people display their items as decoration using open shelving and making their kitchen more aesthetical. Open shelving has been trendy in farmhouse kitchens and industrial kitchen styles.

I predict this trend will continue for many more years, particularly in smaller kitchens. As long as the moderate approach of simple shelving and displaying the kitchen items continues, this trend will continue.

2. Open frame kitchen cabinet

Open frame cabinet doors of the kitchen are a great middle way between open shelving and traditional cabinets. They feature glass panels that show your kitchen items that were inside. 

Usually, every kitchen had a few of these to show their fine china or barware, but now most people are using this 2021 kitchen cabinet trend for their everyday use. Moreover, this kitchen cabinet design trend matches best with more light and bright kitchens, as the vision of open space intensify the openness of more extensive and more brilliant kitchens. 

Open frame kitchen cabinets can look more modern or more traditional at the same time, as it depends on the design of the kitchen and the hardware of the cabinet’s design.

3. Reclaimed kitchen cabinet

Reclaimed kitchen cabinets design could be the trend if you want to reconstruct your kitchen on a budget and not waste much money. 

While making house improvements, you’ll see the renovators renovate the current cabinets instead of jumping for new or custom cabinetry to save money. That’s the whole idea with reclaimed cabinets, which could be the perfect choice for a person who doesn’t want to waste much money. 

The concept is simple, rather than buying brand new cabinets, you can remodel used cabinets to look more current and stylish. This gives you the privilege to spend your hard-earned money elsewhere in your redecoration, such as flooring or backsplash in the house. Plus, this trend is eco-friendly as you are reusing your kitchen cabinets. 

As long as your recover cabinets are current with the other 2021 kitchen cabinet trends, I see reclaimed kitchen cabinets staying on-trend for years and coming one too. 

4. Slab door cabinet

Slab cabinet doors are magnificently modern and sleek. Some are so smooth they don’t even have door handles or knobs! Slab kitchen cabinets are flat and frameless fronts and come in more glossy finishes. 

You can easily find a lot of slab cabinet doors in a glossy finish or wood finish all over the stores today. It is part of that minimalist design trend. These cabinets are the best way to modernize your kitchen and are mainly famous in smaller spaces. Add a subdued backsplash, counter, & floor, and then you will have the modern kitchen you’ve always fantasized about.

Kitchen Cabinet color trend in 2021

These days, kitchen cabinets come in color or sometimes no color at all! Going into 2021, wood-stained kitchen cabinets design will still be popular in many traditional kitchens. But now, people are becoming bolder when adding pops of color to their kitchens or in their kitchen cabinets.

Cool-toned cabinets are influencing the trends this year, and white, grey, two-toned, blue, and green cabinets are getting up.

Here are some of the colors to keep your kitchen cabinets trendy and at the same time beautiful and modern in 2021.  

1. Blue Color Kitchen Cabinet

In simple words, blue is Classic, calm, and light.

Most blue kitchen cabinets aren’t sky blue or primary blue, but somewhat a grey-based navy, making them blander in the kitchen but still a fun color. As high-contrast looks obtain popularity, it only makes sense that the blue color would come into play and also will play well.

Blue gives a needed contrast for stark white kitchens and makes a slightly darker, more homey-like feel. Blue kitchen cabinets are also an excellent look for those who want to create a more relaxed or beachy feeling in their home kitchen.

2. White color kitchen cabinet

Why do people love and prefer white cabinets? Well, because they’re modern, sleek, and tend to brighten up the place and also open up a space that might seem small and dark. In addition, white cabinets can easily pair well with many popular styles, including manor house kitchen designs. 

Kitchens with white cabinetry have a lot of niceness with their design and can get dressed up for a modern look or more peasant for a countryside kitchen. 

There is a success mantra for many house trends from the past but will still follow in coming years because it works, and it is if you want to make your house beautiful, follow these three words “White, Light and Bright”. White kitchen cabinets continue to be very popular in 2021 and for years to come. 

3. Green kitchen cabinet

Yes, you read that right. 2021 is all about unpredicted beauty: entering green kitchen cabinets is also in trend. 

Popular home improvement shows influenced the green cabinet trend. But, one person decided to dare to do something different, and a beautiful movement came out of it. Of course, when I say “green”, I do not mean a bright lime green color. Instead, I’m talking about the deep, emerald green or a pleasant muted olive green to give your kitchen a unique look. 

Olive green kitchen cabinets are getting trendy in vintage or contemporary kitchens as they are a throwback to the ’80s, keeping the kitchen light and airier. Emerald green is just a vast color trend in general, but it makes a kitchen look spirited as well as dramatic. 

Your kitchen will be unique and modern by pairing any shade of green with a contrasting countertop and the backsplash. 

4. Two-toned color kitchen cabinet

Two-toned kitchen cabinets give it’s best to both of the worlds. Generally, two-toned kitchen cabinets are made with white upper cabinets matched with a darker base cabinet. 

I’ve seen that people prefer more greys and blues for the lower cabinet colors, but canary yellow, mint green, & dark purple base cabinets have also been coming up with the two-toned styles. The white upper cabinets give just enough contrast and simplicity to allow bolder colors on your base cabinets without an enormous overall look. 

5. Grey color kitchen cabinet

It’s excellent news, and grey is remaining trendy also in 2021. 

Today, you’ll find that dark grey grout influences the backsplash scene, and light grey cabinets are coming up all over. Gray is an excellent replacement for those who want a neutral color but aren’t a fan of it sometimes, which gives the clinical feel of entirely white kitchens

Gray is continuing to take its place in home design. So whether you want a light grey, dark grey, or blue-grey, it is straightforward to find the grey cabinets you desire in 2021. 


Many changes are happening in kitchen design, but the good news is that new changes mean more options for you and your home. So while you are searching for the flawless 2021 kitchen cabinet trends, be sure to keep the backsplash and the flooring in mind too!