Ever wonder why today’s major architectural millwork and casework manufacturers depend on Microvellum Software for their design, engineering, & production needs?

Because, Microvellum provides a powerful, AutoCAD-based software platform to help wood product manufacturers streamline their design, drafting, estimating, engineering, and manufacturing workflows.

Top 5 Reasons Why Use Microvellum

Leading companies have been actively using Microvellum Toolbox and their various other applications for the better part of the last decade. While they have researched many alternative solutions over the years, they still firmly believe it is the best solution for their team of Millwork Engineers. That is not to state that it is without shortcomings or flaws. Other packages don’t have many advantages; however, it is the best singular solution for the employer’s money, and here are my top 5 reasons.

It integrates seamlessly with AutoCAD:-

Despite many worthy competitors’ best efforts to gain market share, Autodesk’s AutoCAD is the 800-pound gorilla in the industry. Every trade from the architect, interior designer, general contractors and MEP engineers, use it, or other Autodesk products that play nice with it—producing shop drawings, fabrication models, and drawings all in one software package from submittal through production release. Microvellum’s libraries are configured to build your 2D drawings and 3D models. This streamlines the drafting function while minimizing mistakes from disjointed models and drawings of other software keys.

It is machine agnostic:-

Many known CAD/CAM solutions are designed for help and are sometimes owned by specific machine manufacturers. This means that they will integrate very well with particular machines made by preferred manufacturers, and their support will be limited for other devices. Beyond that, specific packages will also perform very well for saws but less so for nested established CNCs or vice versa.

Microvellum is agnostic of this and is competent in producing machine connections to saws, nested based CNCs, vertical machine centres, and P2P CNCs, as well as tedious machines and more. They are also helpful and ready to develop new post processors and machine connections specific to your company and situation.

Additionally, suppose you are already invested in a specific optimizing software package. In that case, they can produce a tool file that outputs all necessary data in the proper format for importing and optimizing there.

They energetically solicit and act on user feedback:-

Microvellum hosts a valuable support site with active and social forums of different users. One of these forums, the user with an active support account, can feature requests, post feedback, or questions about existing qualities. The forums are vigorously monitored and responded to by Microvellum support admins. Each feature request is given a status when developed and integrated into a major release to the software. As a result, we have had multiple proposals completed and added to the latest software releases.

The product libraries are public and completely configurable:-

The latest versions of Microvellum Toolbox are established on a SQL database. However, the product libraries are still exactly as they have existed for years. They are set on a series of spreadsheets and workbooks that the end-user can access and fully customize. These spreadsheets identify basic and a long list of advanced Excel roles, which allow for the comprehensive development of parametric formulas and logic-based operators.

While funding and providing access to this level of growth for power users, the product reaches completion with a functioning library out of the box. In addition, it does not require you to ever interface with this side of things to use it in a manufacturing setting effectively. This is the best of both worlds by supporting the needs of both new and power users.

Built-in report designer:-

With version 7, Microvellum shipped with its built-in report designer. This powerful and robust addition allows for wholly customized and user-specific reporting from every level of the software. Additionally, they can link to external data sources and create relationships between the internal and external data sources. What this does is it provides a way to report from both Microvellum natively and your additional software solutions, such as MES or ERP packages your company may already be utilizing, and produce those reports all from one place.


As we have discussed what Microvellum is and its features, we are sure that it can set a place in the millwork industry in today’s time and the upcoming future. And we A2Z Millwork design LLC is all set to help you out in the Microvellum project as we have an expert team of microvellum that can serve you with the best quality in the market.