If you are a cafe owner, you understand how intense the competition is out there to get the attention of hungry clients and keep them coming back for more. One especially effective way to improve your sales and boost customer visiting is to invest in a remodel. Studies indicate that a food joint can expect a 2-6% sales traffic bump following minor remodeling.

People go to restaurants to have a break from their day-to-day lives. It is an opportunity to indulge, catch up with companions, and let somebody else take care of their work. But with all of this, numerous people expect a lot from the restaurant in return for patronage; if your restaurant is forming to look rundown or out of date, it could be keeping away return business.

Restaurant owners may also be intimidated or overwhelmed by costly, large renovation projects and time-consuming. Fortunately, updating your design doesn’t have to be challenging, and making a few small modification can radically convert how customers feel your restaurant and its overall glimpse. 

Here are 6 comfortable things you can do to update your restaurant’s decor:

1. Update your color scheme

Painting is one of the considerable accessible and most affordable ways to change the look of your dining area. And adjusting the colors on your walls can give your customers a completely different dining experience. Painting is also a quick DIY project to lower your renovation time.

Additionally, rather than painting your whole dining space, you can use an accent wall to improve one particular wall and complete contrast with the other neutral-colored walls. 

2. Update your furniture

Patrons at your restaurant will have plenty of time to pay close attention to their surroundings and furnishings before their food arrives. If your chairs, tables, and benches are worn, customers could associate this with lower quality service and food, resulting in under-ordering or less repetition business. Altering the color of your tables can also impact how much somebody eats and how they perceive the quantity of food you’re giving them, improving their satisfaction and urging repeat business.

Updating your furnishings by keeping your tables refinished and chairs reupholstered can go a lengthy way toward growing customer pleasure. Refinishing costs vary from $175 to $425 an item.

3. Change the lightning

Lighting is essential in any interior, particularly a café. It provides your customers with sufficient visibility to effortlessly read the menu while creating the right atmosphere in your area. For that reason, an abundance of natural light would be the most suitable option, but it’s a luxury not many cafés keep. If you’re forced to concentrate on artificial lighting, aim to make it colorful enough to allow for reading but always soft and warm enough to create a cozier atmosphere. Recessed lighting around the circumference combined with a more prominent fixture in the center is a great solution.

4. Get into the digital era

Just about everything is better techie nowadays. Capitalize on this by driving your cafe into the digital age as well. Whether by offering free Wi-Fi, replacing paper menus with tablets or iPads, or having a digital menu wall, you will attract more technologically-attuned guests and entice them to settle in and summon that second cup of coffee or dessert. They will be better likely to make your cafe a regular stop.

5. Install new flooring

Foot traffic crumbs and spills can take their toll on any floor. In an engaged restaurant, though, you desire your flooring to be attractive and low maintenance sufficiently to hide those stains and spills. After all, flooring takes up the single most immense expanse of space in any room, so it makes sense that you’ll want to have something that looks great and helps set the tone for the rest of the room.

Many great floors work well in restaurants. Natural cleft slate, for example, hides all manner of spills and stains and has a rustic appeal that works well in many settings. Acrylic-infused engineered hardwood floors are virtually indestructible and can give your restaurant an updated, more modern feel.

6. Hang artwork on your restaurant walls

If you’re going for a contemporary and artsy look, hanging artwork in your dining space is an excellent idea. Your artwork can be anything from paintings to photographs to 3D art and sculptures. Also, you can put up local artists’ work in your place and give customers the option to buy it. As a result, you get beautiful art to hang in your restaurant and help the local art society. For restaurants that offer ethnic cooking, displaying photographs and paintings of well-known landscapes and landmarks in that region is a beautiful way to give your restaurant a sense of authenticity.


There are many easy ways to give your cafe a quick makeover that matches your budget and brand. Take advantage of some of the visions above to delight your patrons, attract new customers and grow your bottom line.

If you keep these 6 tips in mind, you can drastically enhance the look and design of your restaurant.

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