As the millwork industry exerts itself to offer quality personalized products to customers, they must innovate to control costs. Outsourcing the millwork drawing and drafting services, especially in this pandemic situation, have considerably proven to be a winning formula to meet the business challenge.

Outsourcing the millwork shop drawings can be one of the super beneficial or can be a bad nightmare for your millwork projects. However, it is based on the skill level of your outsourcing drafting team.

Each millwork project you’re working upon would vary from the last project or the upcoming one. Before jumping on the fabrication process, a project manager would need the millwork shop drawings to guide the whole process of manufacturing and of assembling.

Significant challenges which are faced by the Millwork Furniture industry

Now let’s discuss the challenges which are faced by the millwork furniture industry.

Furniture design is not at all easy. Furniture designing is an artistic niche that serves both the functionality and the visual appeal of different types of furniture. Primary storage and comfort are no longer the only functions related to new-age, contemporary furniture. There is a need for accessibility to the internet with one touch, charging ports, app-friendly features, and many more.

There’s an increasing demand for intelligent furniture in offices, intending to boost productivity, whereas still making fashionable aesthetics for ambience. Furniture is, without doubt, part of interior design; however, it’s more than just decor.

Furniture manufacturers meet a set of challenges that will make it challenging to compete in upcoming years. While some of these obstacles generally apply to manufacturing, furniture manufacturing is especially sensitive to cost fluctuations, client demand, and a stiffly competing environment.

As with all business trends, proper planning is crucial to navigating the competing landscape. The top hurdles currently facing furniture manufacturers are skilled labour shortages, increasing prices, and fluctuation in customer demand.

Most manufacturers reported that their most significant obstacle for 2020 was finding skilled workers. As key workers move into retirement or leave work due to the pandemic crises, furniture manufacturers may strive to replace positions on the production floor. Although, like several companies, you cut on-site training programs throughout the economic recession, you won’t be developing these vital skills within your existing workforce either.

Furniture manufacturing is facing price hikes because of factors both within the industry and outside the industry. The increasing price of materials may force you into a tight space. Either you absorb the material’s cost or pass them down the chain to your consumers and risk losing the business to your competition. Experts in the furniture industry prognosticate that manufacturers will be more likely to take on the costs to survive in the competitive environment.

Cost increases and potentially rising worker wages are even tougher to manage in a time of fluctuating customer demand. On top of this, people start to prefer “smaller households,” such as apartments and mini houses. These trends have a massive impact on furniture manufacturing.

Apartments and tiny homes prefer more miniature furniture, and rented spaces are frequently furnished with cheaper and more petite tables. Renters are unlikely to invest in large and in high-end furniture pieces. Given the more transient nature of renting, items usually ought to be easy to move or cheap enough to be disposable upon moving.

Benefits of outsourcing Millwork Shop Drawing

1. Better flexibility:- When you outsource the millwork projects, you access the team of drafters and designers who have rigorously been working with a vast range of millwork services. Whether the project is on the kitchen cabinet shop drawings, casework shop drawings, cabinet shop drawings, commercial cabinets, furniture, or fixtures, the outsourcing team have a strong knowledge of millwork shop drawings/drafting and AWI architectural woodworking standards.

2. Increase in productivity:- With clear and precise dimensional views of elevation views, detail views, dimensional plan views, and section views to aid you to get started, you can be sure to experience a surge in productivity.

3. Expert designers and the drafters:- Outsourcing millwork drawings can put you in touch with the designers & drafters that are experts in millwork shop drawings. These experts will document the intent of the architect along with whole directions for millwork fabricators or carpenters.

4. Cost-Effective:- This proves to be a significant advantage of outsourcing your millwork project as it is a massive factor in shortening your budget on the workforce and material of the project. Apart from the considerable savings on cost, you can also save on the cost of materials, labour, and management. You can easily focus on concept defining or business management with millwork drafting out of your hands.

5. The time zone advantage:- Millwork manufacturing companies all around the globe are now using time zone differences to their benefit. And the best example of this can be outsourcing, where the specialist works round the clock in shifts.

Typically, when your in-house interior designer or architect shares the designs with the offshore drafters in different time zones, the work starts immediately after you share the project. Then, on day end, they share the updates along with the reports, which you can access, and any emergency is avoided.


If you are also a millwork manufacturer, there’s only one thing that we all care about – providing our clients with the best quality products. That means we all are always looking to create a compelling and hassle-free process. And outsourcing helps to achieve precisely this. 

And all the Offshore CAD companies empower you with all the benefits mentioned above through their state-of-art technology infrastructure and implement error-less automated processes. So if you find it difficult and expensive to create in-house millwork shop drawings, outsourcing is the answer for you.

At A2Z Millwork Design LLC, we take great pleasure in the fact that we’ve been able to serve all our global clientele with our expert team of drafters and designers and have helped them significantly by enhancing their business revenues.