There are many good reasons why many people prefer kitchens as the core of the home. Sure, they get plenty of foot traffic daily—from family dinners and date nights—but more than that, they work as a microcosm for our daily lives, outlook, and routine. The forms our kitchens carry—and how they morph year over year—say considerably more about us than just what color we love lately. Instead, they reflect on our priorities, struggles, and goals, both for our homes and lives.

We’ve explored past trends, talked to experts, and even looked into the future to find out what looks will last through the next decade. So here are seven you can count on to keep your kitchen fresh.

According to the 2022 Trends Study, House owners are spending more now than ever on their kitchens.

Now let’s see the trend of kitchen 2022, which will rock your kitchen and make your mood always fresh while cooking. So let’s dive into it. 

Eight trends that will boost the look of your kitchen.

1. Custom Organization

Having a decluttered and organized kitchen helps function and brings a sense of calm and order to a home. People devour so much time in their kitchens that clever storage and corporate solutions are key. From baking and spices to simple things like the paper towel roll, getting innovative with storage allows a kitchen to look and function better.

Gone are the days when house owners had to pick to forgo cabinets and display their wares on stunning (but slightly impractical) open shelving or cave to a kitchen designed for storage but not style. These days, designers focus on crafting both creative and utilitarian spaces, giving home chefs the best of both worlds—an area that functions and looks good.

2. Playful Color 

Before you panic, know this—the white kitchens will always be in, so feel free to attach with it if that’s your vibe. But if you’ve been peeking for inspiration for injecting your home with more color, 2022 may be the year.

“The White kitchens, while always a classic, can sometimes slip a bit flat,” says Dorsey. “Colors are getting bolder and sleeker in kitchens and being utilized everywhere from the color ranges and built-ins to appliances and backsplashes. Depending on the effect you want, you can use color sparingly or immersively—there are endless possibilities that make it easy to haul beyond white. For example, I like to combine a dramatic stone with creamy contrasting hues, like oxblood red or deep navy.”

“We’re seeing a movement away from the all-white kitchen in favor of bold and adventurous cabinets,” adds Scheer. “There’s certainly a lot of green and perhaps even yellow, but I think house owners will be exploring a full range of materials and colors.”

3. Natural wood

Natural wood cabinets are far from going to be the most famous kitchen cabinet color trend in 2022, according to 72% of industry professionals. This popularity makes it essential in conjunction with many other popular trends this forthcoming year. However, natural materials and nature-inspired trends have risen over the last few years and display no signs of delaying down in 2022.

There are many other ways to include natural wood cabinetry in your house, with costs that can fit every budget from $75 to $460 a square linear foot.

Wood arrives in an incredible range of different species, grain patterns, colors, and tones. Best of all, wood tones perform well with many other colors and materials, allowing you to combine your cabinets with other famous trends. As Aman Pratap, CEO of A2Z Millwork Design LLC, explains, “Neutral, wood color and precise green can all be mixed with different countertop colors and materials. In addition, because wood tones warm up a room, light or white countertops (with some veining) will perfectly balance the space.”

4. Kitchen Island 

In fact, according to 2022 survey participants, nearly two out of five kitchen islands are better than 7 feet long (whoa!). Homeowners are using all that additional space for cooking and baking and working from home—20 % report they now work from their kitchen island. In addition, the area below the counter is being used for extra storage, with 78 percent adding cabinets with closed doors. 

An upcoming island trend is to have a dual island. Instead of one long island, consider splitting them up into two smaller islands. For example, include a bar-style island at an outer edge of the kitchen and a task-oriented island in the kitchen center. Stack the islands two in-depth with a walkway to extend the workspace.

5. Minimalism 

Kitchens in 2022 and beyond will persist in keeping things tidy and spare. However, you can expect kitchens to lean into smart functionality and more technology in the next several years. You’ll see more cordless, app-controlled, voice-controlled intelligent appliances and other features in the kitchen.

Minimal design always includes clean lines, but watch for incorporating even more lines in the kitchen in geometric patterns, fine-grained woods, and angular design on appliances and faucets.

Designs in 2022 will also feature organic, free-flowing shapes in the mid-century modern style. You’ll see geometric lines and organic curves next to each other, hanging out in perfect harmony.


You can smoothly incorporate these trends into many kitchens. Painting your cabinets or walls and swapping out cabinet hardware and countertops can help keep your kitchen up-to-date without breaking the bank. By remaining on top of these trends and others, you can ensure your kitchen continues to look attractive, up-to-date, and on-trend. For creating magic on your cabinets and countertops, our drafting team is all set to help you out with our 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering Service.