We work on various commercial millwork manufacturers by providing them high-quality AWI/WI Drawings at such an unbelievable rate.

Our firm is experiencing a continued interest in coworking, adaptive reuse, and urban campuses for leading Fortune 500 companies in today's commercial real estate market. Changing corporate demands mixed with increasing real estate asset values requires owners to optimize space efficiency and amenity availability. A2Z Millwork Design LLC works with owners by utilizing computational BIM algorithms to maximize space. We work with construction companies to coordinate megaproject construction and tenant improvement coordination through virtual design and construction.


In most developed economies, the healthcare industry faces an aging population, increasing costs, and rapidly advancing medical technologies. Changing regulatory requirements are also adding another layer of complexity onto capital projects. With rising costs and complexity, the risks of blown budgets and missed time frames only increase. A2Z Millwork Design LLC's leading healthcare BIM and VDC team can advise, lead, and implement new hospital or senior living construction and renovations. Our VR experiences can also simulate proposed design environments to doctors, nurses, and patients.

Data Centers

Data centers continue to dominate the landscape of high-performance facilities. With dense racks, raised access flooring, chiller plants, and complex backup systems, data centers offer a tremendous opportunity to design, plan, and construct in a digital environment. A2Z Millwork Design LLC's data center experience includes leading the entire BIM process, working with subcontractors to deliver a BIM experience, and scanning and modeling existing conditions.


As believed by the latest UN studies, 68% of the world population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050, up from 55%. Megacities around the world are only projected to grow as the world transitions to knowledge-based economies. This massive growth presents a challenge in multi-family housing affordability, accessibility, and availability. We call this the 3A's that our firm seeks to tackle through virtual design and construction, specifically BIM. Through BIM, we strive to digitize the entire multi-family ideation, design, and construction process.

Our current multi-family experience includes BIM services that involve working with architects and designers to optimize data sets and maximizing square footage on various sites. We work with owners and construction firms to reduce field issues and change orders. We are also working with leading industrialized construction companies to deliver off-site modular construction units to improve construction efficiency.

Industrial Real Estate

Industrial and logistics real estate has done exceptionally well in the past years, with global institutional investors heavily favoring this asset class. The continued migration from brick and mortar retail to online commerce and the emerging category of multi-story warehouse developments presents an enormous disruption opportunity. No longer viewed as a 'simple box,' the industrial real estate sector offers virtual design and construction, simulation, facilities management, and owner/tenant collaboration. A2Z Millwork Design LLC's expertise in complex projects and facilities government provides clients with an opportunity to implement BIM in various phases of a project, from concept to operations.


School districts, Universities, and Research Centers continue to spend Billions of dollars on capital projects. With taxpayers and donors seeking accountability for the massive capital spending, virtual design and construction offer an opportunity to understand where dollars are spent and enable accurate digital facilities management. Through our VDC and BIM services, general contractors, stakeholders, and capital project managers can undoubtedly improve project outcomes.

Energy, Heavy Industry

As the global energy landscape shifts to meet demands to slow climate change, we see the emergence of both renewable energies going online and existing fossil fuel assets being modernized. Large scale automated manufacturing is also driving investment into plants across the globe. With billions of dollars at stake, the value of BIM/VDC in the energy and grave manufacturing space is no longer questioned. Our clients view BIM as an essential ingredient in their capital programs. From power plants to auto plants, A2Z Millwork Design LLC has contributed to the success of delivering large capital investments with minimized cost and schedule overruns.

Institutional and Government

Our work spans facilities that serve a variety of uses, from cultural to correctional. Through our work on governmental projects, A2Z Millwork Design LLC seeks to maximize taxpayers' efficiency on capital projects that deliver citizens' facilities. Working with a wide range of stakeholders under constrained budgets presents its own set of complexity. Virtual Design and Construction allows owners to hold the stakeholders, design, and construction team accountable to the sponsoring agency. A2Z Millwork Design LLC has been involved in museums, churches, correctional facilities, and community centers.


Mass urbanization, self-driving cars, shared transit options are all trends reshaping the future infrastructure needs of major economies. The increasing need to maintain an aging infrastructure coupled with rising construction costs means that agencies responsible for capital budgets require a highly effective virtual design and construction program now more than ever. A2Z Millwork Design LLC's infrastructure team has deep experience in airports, roads, tunnels, bridges, and railways. Through BIM, we can work with transportation agencies and general contractors to plan, design, and build digitally – identifying issues before they become costly or affect the delivery of services.


The forces of digital commerce, consumer preferences, and experiential shopping have been changing the retail landscape over the past 20 years. Our experienced team of BIM and construction managers understands the need for collaborative planning, landlord management, and flawless execution. We utilize the latest project management tools, reality capture techniques, and BIM processes to optimize project delivery schedules while maintaining the build-out budget through our digital construction management practice.

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